1 Person Can Make A Huge Difference!

Together We Can Change Thousands of Lives.


  1. Pray. Start small. Trust that a need along with resources will present itself. Ask, “What might God be inviting us to do?”
  1. Some questions to consider:
    1. Are there any foster or adoptive families currently in your congregation? How are they involved?  How can your family of faith wrap around and support these families?
    2. Has there been any past involvements/support with children and/or youth in foster care?
    3. Is there a relationship with an agency or university already present with your congregation?
    4. Are there any “champions” for foster kids in your congregation?
    5. What are the needs presenting themselves right now?  What resources and resource people are there to help meet the need?  For example, a need for more foster/adoptive parents with resources available from many agencies that are eager to come and provide an orientation
    6. How is your congregation currently raising awareness? Do you have “Moments for Mission”?  Sermon topic on children in foster care?  Inviting a foster youth to speak? Education programs? Talk with Youth groups or Mission groups? Donation drives? Flyers?
    7. What kinds of publicity regarding kids and youth in foster care are there now? Newsletter items?  Bulletin announcements?  Recruitment of help?
    8. Is there a budget line item to help with emergency needs of foster kids/youth/families?
    9. Are there 2-3 people who are  willing to provide an on-going donation box for foster kids for items such as Diapers? Baby clothes,  equipment?  Or care kits items for youth in college?
    10. What’s your passion regarding kids in care? What ONE thing would you like to do to help a child?
  1. Attend a Faith Communities Coalition on Foster Care meeting to hear about experiences in foster care and meet agencies who can partner with you to help our 13,000 most invisible and vulnerable Michigan children. See www.faithcommunitiescoalition.org for times and places of our meetings as well as valuable resources and resource people to take your next step. You can also contact the Rev. Kate Thoresen, coordinator at katethoresen@faithcommunitiescoalition.org.
  1. Know that you are not alone!@ There are MANY congregations and individuals throughout Michigan who are already engaged in making positive differences in the lives of our 13,000 Michigan kids in care. Connect with our coalition to share ideas and enthusiasm.

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